We partnered with the Shibuya City Tourism Association and provided an official guide tour

Jnnovations,Inc. has partnered with the General Foundation Lawyer Shibuya Ward Tourism Association and started the official guide tour of Shibuya Ward Tourism Association.
Over the past three years I have guided through the streets of Shibuya and operated the tourist information center in Shibuya, where they told me more than 10,000 foreign travelers and gathered their real voice in data.
We combined with Shibuya Ward Tourism Association about the needs of travelers who have been able to see from there, and made it a tour.
Many foreigners are gathering in Shibuya, but since there are not many people with high awareness outside Hachiko and scramble intersections and there are few opportunities for local attractiveness to be known, our guide guides our town and travelers I think that if you become an intermediary, you would like to know more about the charm of the area.
We will make such a tie-up in various parts of the country in the future and plan to tour the attraction of the area.