【Monitor Tour】Shonai Eat & Drink Like a Local Tour in Osaka

【Monitor Tour】We're offering a monitor tour to tourists who are willing to answer some questionnaires after the tour. This is a food & drink tour which contains 1 dish and 2 drinks. Only for the monitor tour, you can get additional food up to ¥1,000 (it's all on us).

About this experience

Shonai is in Toyonaka city which is located in the north Osaka. The area is generally quiet because it's a residential area and they have a lot of derelict stores which makes you little disappointed if you just look around. People are kind and love drinking so if you have any chance to talk with the locals, it won't be boring. Hounan market has a variety of produce, from fresh seafood, fresh fruit and vegtables to beef(wagyu), pork, chicken, and whale meat. During this tour, we will walk around the area, visit the market, get food and go to a standing bar to enjoy some drinks and the food we bought.

【Monitor Date】
The 1st day:September 17th Tuesday
The 2nd day:September 28th Saturday

【Meeting Time】
At 1:00pm (Please try to come on time)

【Meeting Point】
The West Exit at Shonai station of Hankyu Takarazuka Line

・1 dish
・2 drinks
※Additional food or drink up to ¥1,000 as a monitor

・Fare to the station

・Tourists or Exchange students
・Speak English
・Able to answer the questionnaires in English
・Has network or SIM card or mobile Wi-Fi

【How To Apply】
・Make a reservation on the schedule (only one day per person)