Guide Team

Be a friend, Be a locals.

Hang Out Japan’s sociable and knowledgeable guides show you cool places!


Hello!!I’m Shogo from Sapporo where has a lot of snows beautiful nature. I love singing and joking. I’ve been doing tour guide for 3 years. I guess people can have fun without any guides in Japan because it’s so organized and safe but I would like you to have more fun in Japan. I’ll take you to a lot of places where locals hang out hidden. You’re gonna be feeling like you are living in Japan as a local and hanging with your neighborhood. Enjoy your stay in Japan.


Hi guys! I’m Yuji from Osaka. Japan has over 2 millions of foreigners in every months now, BUT many of first or second time visitors tend to visit just famous and popular areas. I’d like those people to explore and discover real Japan which is not made for tourists, and I could help you to do so together!! Let’s hang out now!


Hi, I'm Satoru.I'm a university student learning medicine and I like to interact with people from foreign countries. I'd like to make an unique tour up to your interest and help you create great and unforgettable memories during the stay in Japan! If you are in medical field, I'm glad to share what the health care system is like in Japan with you. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!


Hi, I’m Yuka! I’ve been guiding tourists from all over the world since I was a high school student. The reason why I keep doing this is just because I want you to enjoy Japan. Japan is more fascinating country than what you guys expect! I would be your “local buddy”, so let’s have some fun together!


Hi there! I am Shiori from Tokyo. I have been to study abroad to United States and Australia for 1 year each. I learned how meeting with people could make my life more interesting by tourism. I would like you to make your life more interesting through this tour! Let's meet with locals and get to know Tokyo with me!